ROM Hack Discussion (Need help to fix) Advanced SX OS cheat code for Dark Souls Remastered


May 21, 2018
United States
The value address in Dark Soul Remastered is dynamic, so I checked SX OS hacker guide and found a way to get the correct address.
Hacker guide:

1. The "player data" memory block always start at [HEAP + 0xA2BCE000].
2. The first pointer locates at [HEAP + 0xA2BCE008].
3. Go to the pointed address, for example, it's [HEAP + 0xA2BCE0F3] this session. the next pointer locates at [HEAP + 0xA2BCE0F8]. Yes, just increase the address with 0x0000005.
4. Repeat step 3 a few times. I'm stuck here, it's not a fixed value. (Between 20 and 26 in my experience.)
5. Now we are at player data address. It looks like this:

"ce 06" is health of player (HEAP + 0xa2bd18d4, HEAP + 0xa2bd18d8, HEAP + 0xa2bd18dc).
"a0 00" is stamina of player (HEAP + 0xa2bd18f0, HEAP + 0xa2bd18f4, HEAP + 0xa2bd18f8).
"4e 32 28 32 2d 32 32" is base stat of player (from HEAP + 0xa2bd1900 to HEAP + 0xa2bd1930).
"09" is humanity of player (HEAP + 0xa2bd1944).
"36 01" is character level (HEAP + 0xa2bd1950).
"0e 0d 16 16" is souls you have (HEAP + 0xa2bd1954).

I wrote a code and It doesn't work (even if the number in step 4 is correct), could anyone fix this? I have no idea what's wrong here.
[Humanity 10]
581F0000 A2BCE008 // Read the first pointer in register #F
300C0000 0000001A // Repeat 26 times
581F1000 00000005 // Increase the address by 5 in register #F
310C0000 // Loop
400E0000 00000000 00000091 // Load 0x91 into register #E (Humanity offset)
640F01E0 00000000 0000000A // Set Humanity to 10. Address is #F+#E.

Edit: The comments are just showing what I want to do here, don't put comments in actual cheat file.

Edit 2: It seems there are always a [MAIN + 0x01b08408] pointer under the correct address (the second line in the pic), maybe it's helpful to locate the correct block.
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