Need help on 11.0.0-33U with getting started

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  1. ThatEpicMudkip

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    Nov 24, 2016
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    I want to get homebrew on my 3DS so I can use PKHex and other programs, but since I'm new to this scene everything is very confusing and I just need a solid clear guide. I tried BrowserHax before realizing that it is not supported anymore, and I'd like to just have an easy clear guide to help me get to the point I want to get to. Can someone link me to a helpful and clear and easy guide that can get me homebrewed? Thank you
  2. ThisGuyOG

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    Here however, if you want to get CFW installed on your 3ds you need to downgrade to 9.2. but since you're on 11.0,you might need to either hardmod,DSIware downgrade ( requires 2 3ds),or wait until December for slowhax (AKA DSIware hax without the need for 2nd 3ds)
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