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    I am wondering where the map data is in Pokemon X and Y. I am trying to make a simple save patcher to unlock the full map in any save.

    Example: Want to beat the elite four? Just started the game? Load PKHeX, gen pokemon, run it through the save patcher, fly to elite four, wreck them.
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    I don't think there's complete map data in the save, only character position data and triggered event data.
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    No but there must be a place where it keeps track of which areas you have been to yet or not.
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    Next question. Is it possible to change the map the player is in to one they haven't been to? I noticed in PKHeX it says the current map and location are like 248 and xx.x xx.x
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    Probably. You'd just have to figure out which map is which.
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    Easy enough, just take a sample from every location in the game. (as long as I can figure out where the current map and player locations are it should only take time)
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    The game uses bitflags to determine whether or not you've visited the fly-destination.
    Current map and player position has nothing to do with it.

    See example save for OR/AS. Have fun finding the bitflags you're looking for :)
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