need help downgrading wii

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    i think i know how to do this but i have a problem with the wii fix tools download.
    problems such as where do i put this folder,does it go in the root of the sd card,why is there another folder inside the zip called wii fix tools and inside that folder there is a zip called wiiload do i have to unzip that.
    is it how the twilght hack beta2 is soons you unzip it ,it is ready to be installed from the root of the folder but than again i did not see any boot.dol file.

    Take not before you say this downgrade is for me its not.its for someone i know that wanted the homebrew channel and i found out hey have wii v3.4 i have v3.3 but maybe i want to downgrade myself to use starfall for the first time.

    about the downgrade i what to use to go to version 3.4 does that link put down also work for wii systems that are not v3.4
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    the Twilight hack goes on:


    the HBC installer goes in:


    to downgrade from 3.4 or 3.2, just use the normal Wad Manager to install IOS16, and then use Custom Wad ManagerIOS16 to install what's on my signature, then you just use first cIOS Downgrader (or Custom IOS Downgrader) 1.2 to set your Wii on 3.2, when it finishes the process, use the IOS (without the "c") Downgrader 1.0 to reinstall all the necesary files of 3.2, ok..??

    Remember that ALL OF THE APLICATIONS, goes on:


    and ALL OF THE .wad FILES, goes on:


    got it..?? [​IMG]
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    Or you could download one of the newer guides that have the files in the correct folders ready to go onto an SD card with all the data there as well [​IMG]
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    i got the wii fix tools from RadioShadow and i got the hbc channel from that didn't come with the .dol,can i use he.dol from the other homebrew channel because that was the only file missing in that download.

    here is the link again to radioshadow is the wii fix tools in the download there in the right order as well and do i have to unzip wiiload or do i keep that zipped.

    by any chance is it possible to use the wii fix tools to downgrade my v3.3 wii so i can see if i know how to downgrade the wii before i go to my friends house to downgrade his v3.4 wii.i have to be able to test that i actually know how to downgrade the wii with all the info i'm getting before i do this to someone elses wii.
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    I'll advise you to do it for your own wii ONLY. Pass all the necessary info to your mate and have him do it himself.

    You wouldn't want to be held responsible if you accidentally brick his wii or something. [​IMG]

    The folders that should be in the correct path has been described by ether2802.

    I haven't try downgrading from 3.3/3.4.

    But for Wiiload, have a look here and it might be clearer for you.

    If you wish to execute a DOL file from your PC, then you'll need Wiiload. If you execute them from your SD Card in the Wii, then you wouldn't need them.

    Do also note that HBC can execute .ELF and .DOL files, but if you are having trouble running .ELF files, you might want to convert them to .DOL format and it should work.
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