Need help after messing up online fix

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    Hi, so earlier today, I tried installing the friend list 10.0.5 thing to disable the update nag. It didn't seem to do anything, and I was kind of rushing, so I ended up just updating the emuNAND and accepting it. But when the 3DS restarted, and I went back into emuNAND, I couldn't open anything at all. A button doesn't work, none of the "open"/"manual" stuff comes up on the bottom, and tapping anything to open it just makes the 3DS become unresponsive with animations/music still playing.

    I didn't expect it to be this bad, so I didn't back up my emuNAND before doing all this (haha...). Yeah, very bad foresight on my part. No emuNAND backup at all, except from an older emuNAND. So in short, what I have now is
    -the entire contents of my SD card AFTER the fuck-up
    -an emuNAND backup AFTER the fuck-up
    -some SaveDataFiler stuff from a few months ago (mostly still up-to-date, but not all)

    So as far as I can tell, one of two things has to happen. Either the fuck-up has to be fixed and everything's okay, or I reinstall everything on a new emuNAND (with a different ID) while finding a way to import the most recent .savs from my gibberish\gibberish\content folders. Does anyone know how I could do either of those? I'd be really grateful for any help.
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    I don't understand why you thought it better to just update the friendlist instead of updating the entire emuNAND to 10.5

    Here are your options;
    • Launch the HBL via browserhax and update manually to 10.5 using sysupdater. The last person I saw that had this happen couldn't, I suspect you'll have the same problem.
    • Restore any emuNAND backup from any point before you fucked your emuNAND. This will allow you to recover *most* of your data.
    • Create a new emuNAND and lose everything.