Need a little help with CrystalTile2

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by kosheh, Apr 25, 2010.

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    anyway, it wasn't a problem on XP but now that I'm 7 it seems to have broken the context menu for the text/codepages.
    Instead of seeing things like "UTF-8 (Unicode)" and "Shift-JIS (Japanese)"...instead, I get this:


    Pretty simple question; is there any way to fix that and make the names appear for each codepage?
    I have a feeling FAST might be able to answer this one, lol
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    I have been using it without that ever since I been using CT2
    Didn't even know it could be viewed that way...
    I ususally just end up slowly looking through each one til the proper one is found or going the round about way of opening what I know is a text file in emeditor looking up in emeditor the character codevalue then using that to look up the table file and code page. not really that much trouble...
    I know this doesn't answer your question but if you don't get one it will help.
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    First are you using the last "free" version or a more current one you have to register?

    That looks like either the windows 7 APIs changed and broke it or crystaltile2 did not use it correctly in the first place and windows 7 "fixed" a bug (or both).

    Afraid I have no idea here beyond perhaps trying the compatibility layer of 7 (assuming it has changed maybe even a kludge like making a system32 folder and sticking said DLL file in there or possibly in the same directory as crystaltile2) or just suffering and using , or something like it. For what it is worth the top on is usually default/ASCII, 932 is shiftJIS and EUC-JP is 20932, aside from varying flavours of unicode which often do not show courtesy of the unaligned nature of roms (8 bit alignment rather than 16- something that can also trouble some basic SHIFTJIS decoders) those are the big ones in roms. Other than that you will probably be using a table.

    I will ask though does it matter if you remove the translation file (the one in the same directory with a name the same as the codepage your machine uses- hopefully you have Chinese support but it should not matter if not). If it works in Chinese you might have a chance of sorting something.