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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by GreatZimkogway, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Alright. I've exhausted Google, so I am thus turning to GBATemp for help on this. I've been having a lot of problems with Windows 7 recently. .ico Icons not loading, Windows Explorer.exe crashing itself for no reason, slow runtime, all the fun stuff. But the problem is, none of this ever happened with Windows 7 Beta 1, or Windows 7 RC1. And it never happened until I installed this damn anti-virus my grandfather bought for this computer.

    So I'm wondering a few things. Could the anti-virus, that actually says it works on Windows 7 on the box, be what's causing these problems? The anti-virus program is Fix-It Utilities 10 Professional. Now, I myself would never have bought this, but it was a full version of an anti-virus software, so I thought I should use it anyway. (Take just now. Something weird as shit happened. Screen blanked, then came back on, with all of the windows resized, then unresized. This happened while I was typing this. [​IMG] ) I haven't heard anything about this causing problems, so I ran a virus scan and found nothing as well. Ran a seperate defragmentation program that was NOT from Fix-It's built in crap. I've also ran CCleaner to try and remove some crap as well.

    So. Any help on this would be very appreciated.

    Oh yes. Could these problems be from having two different anti-virus software programs running at once? I had AVG Free installed, and never turned it off or removed it due to laziness, Is this the source of my troubles?

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Never have more then one active anti-virus or firewall running at the same time. You're just going to cause trouble.

    That Fix-It Utilities sounds more like a maintenance app then a good anti-virus one. Personally I would rely on a dedicated anti-virus app than a jack of all trades.

    Try and troubleshoot the issue more. Remove Fix-It Utilities and see if that fixes the issue. Better still, if it was only recently installed do a system restore if you haven't installed anything else of value afterwards.
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