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    You must make sure the two file names are exactly the same, in the same folder and it's the same region for example a USA soul silver will not work with a EU soul silver save.
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    Ok, so I hate to also drag up a fairly old post but I can't seem to find info on my problem.

    I have the Smallftpd working and NDS BackUp Tool Wifi reconizes it and everything. I go to save my .sav of Pokemon Diamond, and it goes and starts the process... It gets to 100% and says the file transfer didn't complete and to try again. Yet, there is now a 508.54 KB .sav file now in the specified folder I made for this. I tried this with a ROM of Diamond and DesMuMe and it ignores it and starts a new game.

    I've turned off Windows Firewall (just in case this was the problem) and followed the instructions to the letter. What am I doing wrong, and how do I correct it? I really want to back up my Diamond's sav so I have my Pokemon backed up, just in case. Any help is appriciated!

    **EDIT** Nevermind guys, I figured it out. I apparently neglected to change the port from 21 to 8080. Once I did that it backed up my .sav and I confirmed it's working in DesMuMe. Thanks anyway. :) I didn't figure this was gonna be the game winner considering I saw a tutorial on YouTube that stated to use port 21... weird...

    Anyway, thanks again!
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    Don't use smallftpd - it doesn't communicate correctly with the WiFi dumper and I don't know who suggested it in the first place. I was having the exact same problem as you and I switched over to FileZilla server and haven't had a problem since.
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    When I try it, it says the SAVE Type is Unknown, there is a blue box with red text that displays "== File not found ==", and A and B button options are shaded out on the bottom screen, which means pressing those buttons will do nothing. I'm using this with Poke'mon Black Version. If anyone can help fix this problem, it would make my day. :)

    Oh, and, by the way, does this forum alert me for replies by email? Because I don't remember registering with this service using my email at all!

    Well, if I haven't replied, it probably means that I wasn't aware of anyone answering my question on this forum. So if you could do me the super huge favour of texting me at my cellular telephone number, (787) 432-2709. I hope that texting me won't be too difficult, and that I'm even allowed to post my own phone number on this forum. I hope I don't get in trouble, because if it's wrong, I had no way of knowing because, through registration, there was no end user agreement that I had to read, as far as I can remember.
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    I'm sorry for bumping this, just wanted to ask if I can use an Action Replay DSi to backup a Pkmn black retail save using this method
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    I have and Acekard 2i akaio v 1.8.9z I've tried to use this and i keep getting a "can't connect to the ftp server. Confirm the settin of the ini file. (a) : Confirm'
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    Are you using a DSi/3DS?
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    I have a DSi and DSTwo card and am trying to backup my games. It seems to have connected to the wifi and FTP just fine, but I keep getting a message saying "The card of Slot-1 cannot be recognized. Please pull out once, and set it again." So yeah :/

    EDIT: Yeah, using my brother's Lite seems to work.

    EDIT 2: Thanks for the tutorial. Forgot to say that. Wonderful and easy to follow!
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    I'm getting the same error on my NDS-3DS

    Connecting to Wi-Fi via WEP is good
    FTP connection is good , I can ping the NDS from my pc and can see the FTP:21 connection established via Netstat -an
    but I keep getting the error "The card in Slot-1 cannot be recognized".

    The Firmware on NDS-3Ds = v 2.1.0-4e

    I'm curious "Riperoo123", what F/W is your Console running ?
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    this thread really needs updating baddly
    if you use the "NDS Backup ToolWifi" you will get incomplete dumps for newer games

    its the same method as this but use Wood Dumper r85
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    Do you need an r4 to use the Wood dumper?

    Also, can the backup tool wifi backup WarioWare DIY saves?


    Also: Back a while ago I started backing up my games, and I got 2 of them to work, then I gave up. However after losing one of my games I decided to embark upon this quest again. Every time I try backing up a game, it says "Data transfer failed. Please do over." What could be causing this? It connected to the FTP just fine.
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    I had the same "Data transfer failed. Please do over." error as well. It would connect to the FTP and etc. All settings were correct. After reading many discussions like this and not getting it work (but feeling more confident my settings were right) I decided to turn Windows Firewall off completely.

    It worked!

    Give that a try.

    Note: I was using the NDS Backup Tool Wifi (but I also tried Wood Dumper and Save Game Manager).
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    I know this is an old thread but I could not find anywhere else to put this.
    Fist off I have an NDS Lite and r4igold3DS card witht he latest updates (wood 1.64 i think), I have used NDS Backup Tool Wifi to backup (havent tried restore) and it worked, I also have had great luck with Save Game Manager v2.0.4 I beleive (backup and restored pokemon b/w2 save files successfully). But I notice that many people (includign myself) do not like having to turn off our network security (let alone our firewalls! for me though, honestly, its more about hassle than security) in order to back up or restore a save game.
    so, for my "wifi" method is perfect for people who have the following:
    -a DS Lite
    -a flashcart that will run one of those backup programs
    -a wi-fi capable android device (you do not need internet access), I used a JXD7800B tablet running 4.2.2

    ok, all you have to do is download "Ftp server" (thats the name of the free app i like, i tried that and "wi-fi ftp" which didnt work) for free from the android market.

    Now go to android settings, under the "wireless and networks" heading there should be a "more..." button, touching it takes you to a list of options, touch "Portable Hotspot", "Set Up portable Wi-fi Hotspot", now choose open security (security off) and name it whatever you want (I name mine "NDS").

    Now turn on the portable hotspot (there is a checkbox in the "Potable Wi-fi hotspot" row), it will probably warn you that wi-fi will be turned off, thats ok.

    Time to open that Ftp server app and hit "settings" in the top right, here you can set your port number, username and password, home directory (for me its /sd_card/NDS/) and read write access (rw is default), and any other settings you waant to adjust.

    Go back and press the "start ftp server" button and your server should be ready to go.

    Just make sure your NDS ftp .ini or .cfg file matches the I.P. and port that are now shown on the android Ftp server (this can be done on your android or on your ds itself in moonshel or whatever text program you prefer.

    make sure you have a wi-fi connection set up to your portable hot-spot and your good to go! next time all you have to do is hit start on your portable network, hit start on "Ftp server" and you're all set up, just start your backup program and everything connects again. Your wi-fi is still secure,I guess you could worry about someone coming within range of your hotspot and stealin gyour saves or something (not an issue for me, no one could pick up my signal from off my property)

    This is also useful if you play NDS emulators, its nice to tranfer saves directly back and forth to whatever folder needed so you're up to date matter what device your playing on (also, this is probably nothing, but ive learned with save game manager that i can rename my backups as i please (to say "pokeB2 4_9_14", or "Pokemon Black 2" which is what it has to be called on my nds cause thats what the ROM is titled) in order to keep them organized (i like to keep a couple in case i screw something up on one) and when you restore it to the commercial cartrigde it doesnt care about the name, to that's convenient.
    sorry its so longwinded but i coulnt find anything like this in the posts anywhere and needed to share (it was my brakthrough of the week, after fussing for days with my computer to no avail).