NDS Adapter Plus, will it work for DQ IX save transfer?

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    I am looking for a solution for transferring over saves from a flash cart to retail cart. I have a few games I haven't finished yet and would want to down the line, but want to plan ahead for doing so on a 3DS. The only solution I could find was the NDS Adapter Plus which plugs in to PC via USB. Does anyone know if this is compatibility with DQ IX? I saw it had problems with certain games. Also are there any other solutions or is this the only one?
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    And what problems with certain games are you refering too. Being vauge on things you want will not get you any specific answers.

    There are several other, you can find them in the download section. (This is why you do not want to be vauge, it results in you getting a vauge answer)

    The NDS Adaptor Plus is the only thing that can dump the HG/SS pokemon save without issue.

    Daigasso is a japanese game that uses an online japanese service, it is not like you will be able to download anything for it through that. There are already specific tools to dump and add tracks for that rom and the DX version as well. That makes save dumpers for this game a mute point.


    As for DQ IX, it was already said by someone else that they could dump the save without a problem.
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    As far as I know, the only games that had problems with transferring saves were the Pokemon games with IR ports and Daigasso Band Brothers, as mentioned.
    The rest could have saves transferred normally using NDS Backup Tool WiFi/FTP'd.