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    Mar 14, 2013
    Hiya everybody!

    One of my friend has been able to install uneek+DI on his harddrive and launch is virtual Nand. Problem is, he is missing all CIOS needed to play hermes Uloader, wiiflow, USB GX Loader etc.

    I told him that he could perhaps install Pimp my wii as a wad and just download all cios and ios needed from there. No dice... all he got was a error getting ios ret = -106 . I then tought he could try cios installer like a regular cracked wii but he hasn't been able to find a wad for it anywhere. Is it possible to make one from the regular files (apps/name of the app) like on a SD card?

    He actually wanna use Rockband 2 and use the Fat32 partition to boost the nand memory capacity. Is it possible?