NAND problem with YaWnD

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by noobwarrior7, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. noobwarrior7

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    upon doing a NAND dump using Yawnd v3,

    I get to:
    reading 0x0B000 : .......
    ERROR reading flash at 47564 (error:-11)

    Not sure if this means I hit bad blocks
    because the error code for that is supposed to be
    so I don't know...any advice?
    can't find info on 11 code anywhere

    3.2U Launch Wii
    Have used Anyregion Changer 1.1 to downgrade after accidental upgrade
    Have LibDi and HBC installed
    Have applied all Starfall hacks except RF gaming.

    this is the first and only homebrew app Ive ever had function improperly,
    kinda amazing actually

    is there a way for someone to build a wii utility that does a disc repair
    if it is in fact bad blocks? or is this something else entirely?

    upon using waninkoko NAND dumper I seem to be able to get past that byte,
    but it still made some message at 47564 or thereabouts...coulda been more than one line as well...
    went by too fast to tell

    More questions:
    Am I possibly at fault if it is bad blocks? Or are they just present on some NANDs?

    Are they repairable?

    Will they affect me in any other way except not being able to use YaWnD v3?

    New thought.....brought on by the gamecube homebrew installer for Wii

    could we create an accurate NAND dump, without the Wii writing to some area during the process.... using a custom MIOS to take us out of wii-mode and access a unchanging NAND?
  2. stevey

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    YaWnD should ignore bad block and dump it anyway, at leased it did in v1. Have you tried normal option or with data ECC error correction Dumps?

    No, GC mode mean it's 100% a GC and the GC doesn't have a nand last I check....
  3. noobwarrior7

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    thank you, I will inform my friend who asked me to post his question.

    I think his last question might have been misunderstood

    he is under the impression (as am I)
    that MIOS not only controls GC mode,
    but is responsible for Exiting Wii mode
    (This could be wrong?)

    if this is the case...and the process of mode-switching is not hard coded,
    then there should be some way to "crash on exit" the wii through MIOS but run a dump
    (I know bushing has accomplished a different crash method and dumped with infectus)

    notice the wording never mentioned going into GC mode
    all speculation of course