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    Hey chaps and chapettes.

    I made a few cover plates for the N3DS based off of some of the official cover plates. In the event that there is ever a transparent cover plate these would be perfect for printing off and using on the cheap.

    Printed off on US legal paper size (stretch to fit) these should be the perfect size.

    If anyone knows how to convert to A4 that would be really handy as well!

    Zelda triforce (055) - http://imgur.com/zgf0kHD
    Toad red (019) - http://imgur.com/ODlZUZk
    Toad green (020) -http://imgur.com/dp4Ijiv
    Mario question block (046) - http://imgur.com/LNBkUlJ
    Mario 'tache (047) - http://imgur.com/S3bPuPz
    Goomba (051) - http://imgur.com/c2Jru9S
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