My Second Game (Survivor)

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    Feb 8, 2017
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    I don't know why I'm posting it when the game is crap, but here we go.

    So I've been learning C#. Mainly by self-teaching. I was working on a Discord Bot for a while until they decided to switch the Discord.NET API to 1.0. That's when I finally decided to get into Unity and game development (What I wanted to do from the start). So this is my Second Game that I have made (you could consider first because the other one wasn't really anything besides a moving block xd). Ik it's not much, but it's at least a start. Like I said above, it was made in Unity, and coded in C#. I had to use free assets because I don't know anything about modeling yet. My point is, it's a shitty game with standard assets, but I thought I would share it anyways. Even if the game is crap. I have to say that I learned a lot about Unity while making it.

    There's a total of 50 waves, with each wave spawning more enemies. I also decided to add a hidden gun in Normal Mode.

    For more details, you can go here:
    Download here: mega:#!PkoHBJ7C!bjlP1v06r1QUNFQ-BnSQbXVW3uOAeTLMB5weZiTBy5s
    If you don't want to download, then you can play it online here (Not recommended):