My first game published on the Play Store!

Discussion in 'Android' started by Dark Fulgore, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. Dark Fulgore

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    I don't know if I can advertise my game here, tried to search a rule about that I couldn't find.
    So I hope it's OK. :lol:

    My game is FREE and it was made on GameMaker.
    I hope everyone can download the game and be satisfied with it. I never did a project like that, it's my first game and I hope I can make a living with the mobile market, since I have no deeper knowledge on programming or design this will be really hard.

    The old gamers out there will recognize the main character. :P

    Download here:

    The game is the famous flappy-style, but with some new cool things, here's a features list:

    -Speed increases as you play
    -Collect the orbs for a random effect like speed down, speed up and the night stage
    -3 different stages
    -4 bird colors
    -Cool bird flying animation
    -Top 3 local high scores
    -Top 10 online high scores
    -Background music and sound effects

    Some screenshots:

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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    Here are the rules.

    Pertinent info from that page:
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