My experience with arm9lh.

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  1. JCCG1989

    JCCG1989 GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 16, 2016
    I'm making this because I've seen a rising tide of noobs (like me) beign affraid of installing arm9lh in their systems, caused by the reports of bricks from people that failed to perform the method of installation. People that was sucessful in said task are usually too happy or simply not interested sharing their experiences.
    I've only installed the exploit in my 2 consoles without a single problem and I can say the guide works greatly and that it's chances of causing bricks are very close to 0... Why?, I remember when I did my first console exploit following the Plailect's guide BUT with adapted tools for extreme noobs that some guy from Internet did (Like cover up options in Hourglass9 that should not be touched, boot selectors only booting to the next step, etc) and obviously all the process went fine. With my second 3DS I decided I will go alone and follow the standard guide, I prepared my entry point and started, I must clarify I'm a very methodic person and I tend to check every step 3 or 4 times before performing any task because I haver personal troubles with my capacity to focus, in the end I realized I did several mistakes and had many logic failures and that beign calm and focused in the process saved my N3DS' ass many times. As examples, I can remember my oothax failed to boot after downgrading and I was getting too upset until I remembered I didn't reinstall the adequate payloads for 9.2, also, when I was about to install arm9lh I could not find the application on the Homebrew Laucher despite I extracted adequately the .zip, after further inspection I realized that by a mouse mistake my .zip estracted in the luma folder and not in the 3ds one. Those are the more clear and unharmful mistakes I can remember and then I think about the people performing the method that can commit very unfortunate mistakes, people without patience that will perform a critical step without verify if the previous was sucessful, people without knowedge to identify a sign of a mistake in a critical step, people not realizing some explots are unstable, etc. I really think the vast majority of bricks are human mistakes and that is damaging the perception of a great exploit and the greatest guide. I think that not because I was sucessful without problems but because when I was managed by simple tools my mistakes were none but when I had to manually follow instructions I commited many mistakes.
    The exploit is great as the guide is.
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  2. shadowfocus603

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    Oct 10, 2016
    United States
    Well said. I have installed A9LH on 4 consoles now (n3ds, o3ds, and 2x 2ds) and all have gone perfectly following Plailect's guide. Like you, I am methodical and triple check my progress at every step to make certain nothing is missed. I probably read the guide ten times before downloading the first pieces to install A9LH the first time and still read every step multiple times the following times to avoid mistakes. Congrats on your successful install.
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  3. Gizametalman

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    Dec 18, 2015
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    También soy muy metódico con esto.
    Nevertheless... I must admit that while doing the Plailect's guide... I was VERY VERY VERY drowzee, so I was kinda afraid of commiting a stupid mistake because my lack of sleep.
    And yet, Plailect's guide is so straight-forward and noob friendly, that even a zombie could do the job easy in 5 hours.
    I only had to double-triple check every single step, every file and every folder.
    So far I hadn't have troubles with my system, nor with the CFW.
    So happy that I hacked my system, now i'm anxiously waiting for Pokemon Moon and Sun...
    :evil:FreShop... God bless you :evil:
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  4. Pokem

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    Jul 22, 2016
    United States
    I've only A9LH 3 consoles so far with the first two following the long version of the guide.
    The first time I did it, I was soooo scared after downgrading to 9.2 because I encountered an error right after the downgrade, but then later fixed it by reinserting my SD card. After that, everything went really smoothly. When I reached the "One Click Set-up" step, I was pretty scared since on the guide, he told you to cross your finger, as in it's very risky, but I did it anyway, and succeed.
    The second time doing it, I wasn't really that scared, just followed the steps, read instructions really carefully, and bam. Another console hacked.
    On the third time, the new method released, and took me only about 40-45 minutes on the toilet to completely A9LH my 3DS.
    Tbh, the process is not that bad. It's the most user-friendly, helpful, and detailed 3DS hacking guide I've ever seen, and it's also very enlightening. I was intrigued in reading everything the guide has to offer, from RedNAND to EmuNAND, and how the 3DS operates, what allows hackers to penetrate the 3DS's security, and more.
    I just love it.
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