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Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by muguk, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Jun 16, 2010
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    OK, to save over-crowding my introduction thread, I've created this one. I want to learn this stuff so answers on a postcard please [​IMG]

    #1: FIFA '06. SDAT file is 13.2 MB which, according to VGMTrans only contains the one single WAV file. When I extract it as an original SWAV file .. it's 271KB. What's the other 11.99MB for?

    If I extract the set as individual .WAV files (which are built up inside the archive), I get 14 files, of which the largest is 0.5MB and, in total, they come to 1.05MB.

    Where's the emoticon for scratching my head [​IMG]

    #2: Some SDAT files won't drag n drop into VGMTrans at all. The screen just sits there as if you'd done nothing at all. Is it thinking hard or just ignoring me?

    #3: Is there a tool, like VGMTrans, but will extract all the individual .MID files and convert the sound-bank associated with each tune into a renamed .DLS file .. or is that just me being lazy and not wanting to extract, for example, the 100+ tunes inside your generic Final Fantasy / Pokemon game?

    *edit* latest VGMTrans I was given in my introductory post has a extract feature now which extracts the MID and associated .DLS and renames them to the same filename. So that's a step forward.

    #4: What's the correct .DLL file (version number) to prevent VGMTrans crashing all the time?
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