Multiple homebrew errors I cannot find anywhere else

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  1. Potatolegs

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    Nov 19, 2019
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    right, so.
    I copied all of my files from a relatively small sd to a far larger one, and in the process I have encountered about 4 errors that I have spent about 3 hours to trying and solve, but I cannot seem to find any resolution to these issues or even anyone else who has them.
    All on a New 3DS XL.

    First: the bootup
    compared to my old sd, this new one has a far longer bootup, from 2 seconds to about 12.
    Splash screens are off.

    Second: black tiles
    If I power off the 3DS while in a folder and relaunch, every tile that is not occupied will be replaced with a black square until the folder is closed.

    Third: Themes
    When I install a theme via anemone, exit, and reboot, the theme begins to work. But upon reboot the theme is uninstalled.

    Fourth: FBI (not major)
    This has only been tried once and it doesn't bother me all too much but an issue is an issue.
    I tried installing a CIA, but upon completion I was told there was invalid storage despite having, and I quote, "Open Blocks 999,999".
  2. Confusion_18

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    Nov 4, 2019
    My guess is SD corruption.
  3. TurdPooCharger

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    Jan 1, 2018
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    @Potatolegs, check if the SD card you're using is fake or dying.
    1. Copy everything off the SD card to a computer.
    2. Quadruple reformat.
    3. Full Write + Verify the empty card in H2testw. Do not skip.
    Report back the test results.
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