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    Multi View
    NEW NDS Homebrew

    Multi View is a 3D platformer in the early stages of development. The gameplay takes place across both screens, items to avoid display on the top and items to collect display on the bottom.

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    I hate it when homebrew developers don't post screenshots.
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    Here I am, to the rescue!


    I'm not the author of this 'brew, but I'd be stoked if I was. Getting 3D to work on the DS is quite an accomplishment without a dev SDK.
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    Ah thanks for posting them [​IMG]

    And, wasn't there a pretty advanced 3D dev kit, called NitroSomething?
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    So whats this about?
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    Nitro is the proper DS SDK [​IMG]
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    What emulator did you use to record the screenshot? The fog shouldn't be that strong. The draw distance is limited but you can see further then that on an actual DS. There should also be anti aliasing.

    I haven't really done a lot of testing on different emulators. I've mostly been testing with NO$GBA. It doesn't show the anti aliasing either and doesn't even show any fog at all (I'm not sure if its better to not render it or to render too much of it lol).

    Here is a screenshot of it running on NO$GBA.


    Everything seems to be rendering it slightly differently. What is especially annoying is that textures seem to always be applied differently or offset by a pixel. The onscreen text (each letter of which is a textured quad) ends up being distorted slightly even though the polygons are rendered at the exact same size as the images textured onto them. Text renders correctly on NO$GBA but has flaws on an actual DS and has different flaws in your screenshot.

    The 3D graphics aren't anything especially impressive. It might be a new addition (I've only begun working on DS homebrew recently) but DevkitPro supports 3d hardware accelerated graphics and has a nice OpenGL "ish" interface for using it. It even comes with several example programs.