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    I have a philips dvp5900 dvd player and mainly use it to play files off my USB drive. Unfortunately it can't read most mp4 files. I was just curious if anyone can recommend a video conversion program for mp4 files that allows for quick conversion. Thanks.
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    MP4 is just a container- it is what you put in it that counts.

    Divx player (I tried looking at the manual (;ctn=DVP5900/12 ) but that was little help* unless I wanted to see the surprising wide array of supported subtitles). I imagine though if you are using MP4 containers it is either DRMEd (itunes tends to) or otherwise higher spec (stuff like H264).

    *"Check that the DivX file is encoded with DivX 3.11, 4.x and 5.x encoder" was about as good as it gets.

    Slightly longer version a divx player of that vintage probably wants MPEG4 ASP (divx compatible although you are unlikely to meet or make a video that does not roll with it if using xvid (the free alternative most people opt for instead) as long as you stay away from the higher GMC levels) rather than the H264 stuff you usually see wedged into MP4 these days. MP4 is a pretty good encoders container as well.
    To this end pick anything you like the look of that encodes to xvid (and maybe can handle a resolution change). Some might suggest a simple program like super, personally I like the complex stuff (stuff like megui) but as a really nice middle ground
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    MP4 and MPEG4 are very different.
    With the popularity of MP3(which is MPEG2 by the way) all the companies jumped on MP4.

    But generally a MP4 would be a apple quicktime file and MPEG4 refers to a AVI with DIVX/XVID.

    Apple MP4 has 2 differents codec H264 which is more common now but takes a lot more prcessing power and another mpeg4 codec which is proprietary to apple.
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    without looking up what the player can actually handle, i'd throw out using handbrake, and the low-profile setting.

    nearly all devices today play h.264, low-profile stuff. there might be a resolution limit.

    i would also suggest RTFM, and just find whatever encoder you're comfortable with. then, you know, encoding to the specs that are given to you.

    if i'm off base and the manual doesn't provide that kind of info, i apologize.