Mouser Electronics for Chiip?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by quadomatic, May 17, 2007.

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I figured I'd try and order from Mouser electronics since parts for the Chiip are cheaper than $25, and I'd rather not pay the $5 extra on Digi-Key. Can someone check these parts out on Mouser for me and tell me whether the specs of these parts match what is needed for the Chiip? I think it's pretty close from what I can tell. Maybe someone here ordered from Mouser and has the invoice or something instead? Here are the part numbers:

    556-ATMEGA8L-8PU (ATMEGA Chip)
    291-220-RC (220 ohm resistors)
    571-2079087 (D-Sub connector backshell)
    636-171-025-103L001 (D-Sub connector)
    140-XRL25V47-RC (47 micro-farad capacitor)
    581-SR225E104MAR (100 nano-farad ceramic capacitor)
    859-LTL1RMTBK (Blue led)
    291-30-RC (30 ohm resistor for led)
    575-793328 (28 pin ic sockets)

    I should be able to save a couple bucks. It's $17 on Mouser plus $6 shipping. Thats compared to Digi-Key at $15 plus $5 surcharge and then at least another $6 for shipping, and Digi-Key doesn't even have the capacitor I need.

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    that looks right to me. You should be able to build a Chiip just fine with those parts. Let me make a suggestion though, use openWii firmware instead of Chiip firmware, it's much better and even has DVD upgrade in the latest rev. [​IMG]