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Apr 13, 2008
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Ok I don't have a Wii, so I clearly can't have an opinion on it you say. No, 'I' don't have one, but several friends do, and they have brought it over.

I don't have the Playstation Move, but I do have a PS3. I am unsure I will get a Move though.

But I do have a friend that showed me theirs.

Will I have a Kinect? Unlikely, I don't have a 360 and chances are I never will. I don't hate the games, I just have zero interest in them.
Might be not relevant, but I do know, I am hearing a lot of leaked comments about the Kinect. I don't think MS will be owning anyone.

The Wii was ok, but I must say, it doesn't really look interesting enough to care.

Graphically the games I saw using the Move looked alright. But again, how excited can I really get about pretending to play golf in my living room?
I would rather be on a real beach playing real volley ball with real girls that had real tits bouncing around to be honest.
But the gladiator game looked fun.
Still, I am unsure the idea will have lasting appeal.

Lasting appeal. I think these devices will likely be good for some hardware sales, but in the end, I am skeptical. Skeptical there is any serious genuine worth here.

If I had 100 bucks and tax to blow on something, I can't really say a motion device is all that high on my list.

As it goes, the PSP phone I heard about, apparently it won't play games? This is unconfirmed beyond a remark a friend made the other day. Just a phone? oh that is not going to be so hot.

I thought a phone optioned hand held game might actually challenge the 3DS.
And the 3DS still has to arrive. Seeing is believing. Some say it will be grand, others not.
I'll wait till I have one in my hands.

But motions devices, nah, I see these as being 'neat' but not long term successes.

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