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    SO my VitaTV is hacked :D! Very nice and works like a charm. Really happy with this.
    BUT... motion controls are not working. I installed Autoplugin to see if it makes a difference, but I can not get it to work.
    Flower does not register my motions! (I have a DS4 controller).

    Anyone any luck?
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    (I realized the "sixaxis" which essentially is the "motion controls" for the ps3 and its official controllers ............... was terminated, meaning sony stopped producing the "sixaxis" controller in favor of the "dual shock 3" .................. when they believed the console overheating problem was officially solved in the manufacturing and testing process)

    (think this corresponds to the first or second ban wave from the microsoft x360 console)

    Try placing the plugin in a different order if its at the top of list bring it to bottom in the plugin order in your config.tai folder ............... maybe also disable any overclocking plugin you have for that game specifically add "!* or !*" google it to the beginning of the game's ID in the config.txt file in the tai folder.

    I see now how those bad motion controls from SONY (represented the "jumping jesus equation" in the digital market, that predicts doom in cycles) .................. has been a bad omen from the ps3 (overheating marker) to the ps4 (ending in vita's untimely termination), would have to see how this bad omen continues to the PS5, weather we can still just use a third party ps3 controller rather then be spoon feed, angry devices.

    So we'll see if the trend is broken, I mean, joint releases of the playstation and xbox consoles, I think that should be stopped, see how polarized the purchases become and how much more user savvy purchases become over that one simple fact!

    (microsoft killed the ps3 xbox360 generation ............... sony killed the ps4 and xbox generation, this generation .................... odds are sony does something else very foolish soon, real pain to do that, but I may wait longer then usual to make a new console purchase, maybe they will finally solve the overheating due to poorly designed policies of consumerism) (sony did fix the trial period issues, big compliment there, now the issues about, a one time payment of 100 to 200 dollars for full access to the ps3 games ps2 games and ps4 games on the ps5, all the rental business and passes, is so old school)

    (after a one time payment, for full access to its previous library of games, I was thinking you can pay a small fee for additional harddrives, or maybe use or shut down gamestop for the download/uploads services .................... everyone want to shut them down, but realistically, I want either microsoft or sony to stop selling retail disk based games ................... you need to do what is right, not asking for more or less ...................... you can be poor with no internet connection, and still have a service paid for that, even if you need to mail your console to the manufacturer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    (nothing but violations to copy right law, but that is another issue, recycling digital content, is very unproductive, the price never changes, market dynamics don't apply it, lots of waste) (not to mention the very poor choices of ps2 and ps1 games on the, same for the competitor, of game selection. being with with iron versus being beat with wood, i think that is curtailing consumerism)

    (but, nobody his helping the poor anymore with disk based games, there is only abuses, many more then that)
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