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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    Note to everyone (09 July, 2009):

    Well, I'm back after a long hiatus, but it looks like in my absence someone came up with a much better Moonshell thread. Since my original intent was to localize Moonshell for us Western users, I'll continue to work on translating any documentation Moonlight releases. I will also keep the Lite Pack updated. I had intended to format this thread similar to the M3 Sakura FAQ once I had the time, but Moonshell 2 FAQ does a better job at serving its purpose, making this thread both redundant and obsolete. And KingdomBlade, thanks for picking up my slack pare*!

    Moonshell 2 FAQ


    MoonShell 2.03 Stable "Lite" (20 MB)


    Skins for MoonShell 2/Ysmenu Combo by janouis
    Moonshell 2 Wallpaper Request Thread by rockstar99
    MoonShell 2 Commercial ROM Loading Guide by Blackiris
    MoonShell 2i Skins by ILIKEFOOD
    Alternate Default Skin by dnds
    Blue Skin (English) by wolfmanz51
    Wallpaper Pack by wolfmanz51
    MoonShell 2.00 Wallpaper Blog by NaokiKitsuhine
    MoonShell 2.00 Beta X (French) by supercarte
    MoonShell Sakura Skin for Beta X (French) by supercarte

    UPDATE (11 March 2009):

    Moonlight has officially stated that he will be including my translation in his next release, Beta 7. He also compiled an English skin, which I've included in the download package, but it's not what I would consider "polished" like the one Toni made for Beta 5. Consider it a temporary skin until Toni finishes his version. Since the Beta 6.1 skin employs new visual elements, skins from versions prior to Beta 6.1 are incompatible with this release. Do not attempt to apply a .skn file from versions prior to 6.1, or MoonShell 2 will freeze.

    MoonShell 2 Homepage Translation

    (Original Japanese)
    The translation has been updated as of 14 April, 2009.
    There's a bug related to the soft-reset function in Beta 10. I've received reports from both people who can and can't use soft-reset. I haven't found the source of the problem yet (soft-reset is also connected with the loading of NDS files).Here's what I mean by thumbnail icon.
    2009/03/18 MoonShell Version2.00 beta.8.1
    Fixed the problem with loading on EZ4, SC, R4, AK2, AKRPG, SCDSONE.I have updated beta.6.1 again. This addresses a bug where it was conflicting with the mechanism of the memory check, and was not loading on some flashcarts.

    Download: (36,671,590byte)
    User Guide
    User Guide Download (143,106byte)
    This package includes a fix for a fatal bug in which the disk would get corrupted if there wasn't enough free space. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's a really serious bug so it is highly suggested that you update. For questions about the bug-fixed version of M3 Sakura, please inquire at a licensed M3 vendor (MediaForce Inc., M3 Sakura official homepage, M3 Shop, etc.). Moonlight will not be checking to see that M3 Sakura works. (Either he didn't write that, or he's speaking in third person :wtf: I've only ever heard girls speak like this in Japan, where it's considered somewhat "normal." ~D3k)
    Also, several flashcart firmwares include MoonShell 1.71 in their package, but if you don't use MoonShell (as long as it's just on your card), you won't encounter this bug, so it would be alright even if you just leave it alone. So this is just a quick fix for that fatal bug (no plans for an official release), the extra functions haven't been debugged. If there are any other bugs, I would appreciate it if you let me know. I don't really have any motivation (LOL), I'm really tired.
    Currently known list of bugs for my own reference

    2009/03/06 Important Info

    In MoonShell2 beta.5 (and all versions up to beta.5), there is a fatal bug in which the disk gets corrupted if there isn't enough free space. I must ask that you please stop using it.
    Concerning: All applications by Moonlight that write files to the card (except CheckDisk for NDS)How to check your version: Press START while viewing the file list and open the system menu.
    The version number is displayed in the red box.It may not be displayed in older versions.
    This is a dangerous bug, so I had to hurry to get this message out. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.You can temporarily fix this problem using chkdsk, but if the disk gets corrupted to the point where you can't even format it anymore, please try to force-format the card using a cell phone, digital camera, etc., or use SD Formatter (set "Format Size Adjustment" to ON).
    After installing Beta 6.1, just extract and copy this NDS file to your card and load it.
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    Great job, D3k. Thanks!
  3. Smartpal

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    Thanks a lot Densetsu3000! Keep up the good work!
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    Here is a link to the English default skin made by moonlight with translation from Densetsu3000. and here is my blue skin and here is a package with backgrounds pre-fit for moonshell 2 to use them place them on your sd card and open them in moonshell2 then press select and adjust your wallpaper settings turn off account for gap between screens. some of the images will require applying a transparent overlay to one or both screens but I'll leave that to your discretion as it is easy to adjust within moonshell 2. then while viewing the image press start and you now have a new background.

    link to All in one download
  5. Walthor

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    Feb 2, 2009
    thnx for this release, althoug i have a question.
    When i start de application on my ds i see that the top screen where the explination is about the buttons are in japanse(i don't mind since i only use the music function and only use the r button to go to next song [​IMG])
    but i have a problem with listening music now.

    When i want to open my music directory the application freezes and does nothing anymore. Is this because i have 400+ songs in the folder?
    It is a 4 GB kingston micro SD in a DSTT card running 1.17 firmware. Do you perhaps now how i can solve this problem?? i really hope so because i loved using the 2.0 version( i now use moonshel 1.7 to listen to music.)

    thnx again for this translated version. =D
    Greetings Walter
  6. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Thankyou i appreciate this [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. mehrab2603

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    Sep 29, 2008
    does it load on r4 sdhc now?
  8. player594

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    Loads on R$ only if formated to FAT not FAT32
  9. phoanlien

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    Jul 29, 2008
    hopefully someone will made some nice skin for it, i love the update, thanks for all translation info Densetsu3000, and the author ^^
  10. Sarvesh50

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    Jul 7, 2008
    sticky ?
    and remove sticky form the beta 5?
    so others can find this easily
  11. mc_B3oWoLF

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    Densetsu3000, Thank you for your translations (Both, the Moonshell page and Moonshell 2 Beta 6)

    I've translated Moonshell 2 beta 6 using your translation file [​IMG]
    The only thing I have to do is to test my text length & trim the translated messages to fit NDS screens.

    I've sent the test-translation to Moonlight already.

    Thanks again!
  12. Toni Plutonij

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    Really, thank you Densetsu3000 for taking over this [​IMG] I have no time to handle these things recently (you know the reason)..

    I have pinned this thread......If there will be situations in the future when you won't be able to handle this at some points, I can jump in from time to time ( mod powers [​IMG] )..

    You'll get the english skin by the end of the day probably!
  13. Bluetank

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    How do you get Moonshell to detect an EZFlash 3 in 1? It says "extention memory was not found" when I start up moonshell. My EZFlash 3 in 1 is not a plus unit, it is the second revision version (it shows up as New3in1 under GBA Exploader). Is it possible that Moonlight only put support in for the original EZFlash 3 in 1?
  14. dnds

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    The 'Play' and 'Pause' button icons are reversed in the default skin.

    Would someone fix this please?

    Is there a skin editor for Moonshell 2 beta X?
  15. Scythe89

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    Jul 24, 2004
    How do you delete stuff? When I hold down start it says error can't find the trash can and to look at a non existant .txt.
  16. XxXNEROXxX

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    Hm...the english trans doesnt utilize japanese characters for just says ?????????? and so on...

    I vaguely remember there was eng trans but withh jp support......or am i just crazy
  17. Tozarian

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    "off by one frame at the end of mp3 playback" WHO CARES!!!!

    I'm glad moonlight is still moving on this project despite certain complications. [​IMG]
  18. Densetsu

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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    Nah, you're not crazy [​IMG] If you want to enable Japanese characters for MoonShell 2, go into the folder "moonshl2\language\" and rename the file "chrglyph.932" to "chrglyph.000." There's already a "chrglyph.000" in the folder, so you'll either have to delete it or rename it something else before you rename the "chrglyph.932" file.

    I originally sort of had it set up this way (with Japanese character support in the English GUI), but I received PMs from others suggesting I set up the files as they currently are. Personally, I prefer Japanese text support. I have set up the language files to my own preference on my own flashcart [​IMG]
  19. dnds

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    Thanks Densetsu3000,

    I switched the names of the mp_pause.png and mp_play.png images in the default folder, ran makeskin_default.bat and it worked!
    Now the pause button pauses and the play button plays. [​IMG]
  20. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    Has anyone else tried playing NSF files on Moonshell?
    I have some MM9 NSF files, and on my older version of moonshell it would play them fine.
    On 2.0 it treats them as endless! If you try to seek it when it's something like 10 minutes in, it can take a while to seek it, haha.

    I'm loving the new improved moonshell though.
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