Monster Hunter Tri Code Help :3

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    I've been following this forum for awhile and found it very helpful in many occasions but only recently chose to actually join it. I'm a avid player of the monster hunter series since a was young and recently i got monster hunter tri(NTSU) and learned of home brew and everything. I used codes for the game and eventually i went online after finishing single player. I played for awhile with melee weapons but i decided to try out a bow gun and equipped one online only to be banned, turns out it used 1 +mat to forge it. So, to the point, can anyone help me with an unban code? I perhaps the 10 day bypass(NTSU) or deathwolf's code. I know its not allowed to be posted publicly but id appreciate a pm or anything. And just so people don't start flaming, i didn't use any codes that would affect anything but my item box as i hate farming for materials in any game.