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    i want to know what i need for a modifier code. i know you need a pointer code or whatever it called. i want to make a all characters have infinite chakra for naruto shippuden ninja council 4 [​IMG] . i have the codes for the characters but i want to know how do i make them in to one code. i look all over for this code and a all characters have infinite health and find noting. all i find was have 99 lives code and samething with item codes. like how they have in pokemon were the code as two x's at the end so you can put a number for a item. i know i would need to find the hex numbers to the items but what about the code. how do i make that? if no one can help me with the codes then i'm done making codes for any game. i may still make codes but i'm just not going to post them anywere on any site. not even my own website.
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    First, the chakra/hp code is applicable for all ninjas! i had posted the code.. there is no need of looping or whatever

    Second, don't even bother to ask people to help you when you are so selfish!
    If you don't help me then i will stop working on it!
    Who needs people like you with such poor attitude

    Third, who cares about your cheat codes when those codes are as simple as ABC! It is just the matter of i want to make it or not!

    Fourth, don't bother to ask the same question in the cheat forum

    Fifth, even i no longer supports the DS scene as much but i would say you are not required

    Sixth, guides are only for n00bs? people who really knows how don't need guide!
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