1. ModernWario

    OP ModernWario Newbie

    Sep 25, 2020
    Hello, gbatemp audience c:
    I have a softmoded ntsc-j rvl-01 wii with mostly updated cios
    90% games through usb loader gx from portable HDD works fine, except some titles as a Call of Duty MWR, MW3, BO, Spektrobes Origin and Destroy all Humans.(ntsc-u)
    MW3 with default settings just stuck at first loading screen, after setting to ios250 game passes first loading screen and run. But it's actually working only after console restart
    1)Before restart: Game just freeze after gamemode choosing
    2)After restart: everything is fine
    3)It's cycled, i must restart console every time after first launch of game to get it work on second launch
    What is possibly wrong with my Wii?
    Sorry for my bad english
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