Modding a GC and making backups... help. :(

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    As GC software is still apart of the Wii scene I figure this is the best section to post in...

    Well, now that I have a Wii I want to have the GC in another room for playing GC games as I essentially have 2 GCs.

    If I wanted to create backups of GAMES THAT I ALREADY OWN to use on a GC that has been modified to play backups or a Freeloader, I believe that backing up a game is quite a difficult process as opposed to DVD movies? 'If' (hypothetically) I was to obtain a ROM image from the 'net and burn it to a mini DVD, would that be a far easier way to use it?

    I wanted to ask how difficult it is to mod one and how much I'd be looking at? I live in the UK and it is a PAL machine. My games are US however (I take it that is unimportant due to the mod?) and I want to make backups of all of the games so I have a set in each room to use.

    I take it that it gets on OK with mini DVD-Rs?

    Thanks anyone that can help. [​IMG]
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    I modded my cube for 25 euros in total... but I chose to swap the cover so that it could play full size dvd's insted of mini dvd's is not that expensive anymore look at
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    you could also look out for an older Action Replay and an SD Gecko.
    There is a way to load software from an SD Card including loading and dumping GC games. (so with a 2 Gb SD Card you would be fine.
    If thats to much trouble....get a case mod and a chip installed, around here you can get that for around 50 Euro.
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    I might of read this wrong but if your trying to make backups and yuo have a wii handy boot the wiikey disc and dump your origional games with that program. If the gamecube games are already burnt backups just use clonecd to do the backup on your p.c. and your homefree [​IMG]