Modded PS3 CFW profile comment

Hello guys in this quick tutorial I will show you how to make a modified PS3 profile comment like this one:


Make sure your profile avatar has a comment before doing anything
Multiman or Rebug Toolbox (Or any other PS3 FTP method)
Filezilla (Or any other FTP application)


1. Open your PS3 application of choice to use FTP.
2. Open Filezilla or your choice FTP application for PC.
3. Make sure you know your local IP address for your PS3 (Go to network settings, settings and connection status list, and the one that says IP Address is your local IP address, make sure to use that).
4. In Filezilla or your choice FTP application type the IP into the host and connect.
5. Open dev_hdd0 and go to the home folder.
6. Find your profile (Order in PS3 is usually same order in the files)
7. Click on the profile then go to friendim.
8. Copy mecomment.dat to your desktop.
9. Edit it with Notepad++ and you will see your comment
10. Edit it however you like the max lines is 14 until it won't show up on PS3.
11. Drag it back into the friendim folder and overwrite.
12. Now you are done close Filezilla go to your PS3 and when you sign in your comment should be there all modded!

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