Mod Diddy Kong Racing DS?

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    Oct 13, 2007
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    This game is very good in the DS.
    But, have some flaws, that can be "fixed" if one try to hack:

    - To do the boost at the start of the race, you need to use the stylus for Car and Plane. Hovercraft need to blow.
    This is very unconfortable, because you use all the time the buttons, and not the stylus. Can be fixed with a Action Replay code, using only A button, like Mario Kart DS?
    - Almost all voices are changed, except the announcer voice. Will be very great if can be changed to the original, trying to "undub" the sounds.
    - Maybe other fixes like edit some graphics? Thinking in edit the sky in the first battle with Wizpig (in the original is dark cloudy and raining), because in the DS version is sunny.

    If somebody is interested, maybe can do this game more playable and enjoyable, because have a lot of good things, like play with 6 players in wifi in races and battles.