[Mod] 3DS Simple CIA Converter (Silent)

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    Jan 11, 2016
    Original thread: [Release] 3DS Simple CIA Converter by @Riku .
    The mod: Use the default directory/filename and does not ask you to confirm.

    Default directory/filename:
    roms: executable directory + "\roms"
    ncchinfo.bin: executable directory + "\ncchinfo.bin"

    The mod is released as a patch (can I upload patched executable??), based on version 4.3 .
    You can use WinIPS (or similar) to apply the .ips patch, or x64dbg to apply the .1337 patch.

    This was tested under Windows 10 x64.

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    I don't see why he'd mind (still have bad memories of the rxtools scandal though, lol). Anyway, since you tagged him you'll know soon enough if he's cool with it.
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