Mission: Impossible: Fallout

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    Hey, you know that movie that Henry Cavill was filming when they had to reshoot his scenes in Justice League, the one where he wears a mustache, so they had to CGI it out for JL, and it looked like crap?

    This is that movie.

    You can't fight the friction

    Cavill's porn stache is on point, I can totally see why he refused to shave for JL.

    I have enjoyed all of the previous M:I movies to a greater or lesser extent, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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    After a run of silly ones I found the last one was surprisingly good. This looks like it might continue the form.

    That said around the time Tom Cruise made sci fi groundhog day (forget what it was called) there were a bunch of critiques that noted people liked to see him get smacked down a bit. I had to then wonder if they were doing something like that in the trailer.
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    I gained a lot of respect for Tom Cruise when I learned that he does his own stunts in these movies. This looks like fun and Cavill looks like a beast, I'm down.