Hardware Missing component on WiiMote

Fisher Vargas de Moraes

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Dec 24, 2012
I just were "gifted" with a non-working WiiMote (RVL-003) by a friend.
As I could see, the batteries leaked on it.
I rebuilt the positive battery contact, cleaned the board and there was current but it wouldn't turn on.
I discovered a broken trace from pin 9 of the U5 (M3375?) and pin 1 of U2 (6330A?).
Getting ths trace redone made the WiiMote to turn on, but a few seconds later it acts like the battery is dying very quickly.
I took a look at some pictures on the Internet, and all of them seem to have the C11 on board.
Mine hasn't and it seems that the battery leak just turned it to dust and was removed during the cleaning process.

Does someone knows the value of this capacitor? Am I right in think it being missing can cause this problem on the circuit?
Thanks in advance!

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