Missing Code For Suikden Tierkreis ???

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    Hi this is my 1st time on here and my 1st posting so bear with me if I sound stupid.

    I have been on other sites such as project-codemasters, codejunkies, and what used to be codebreakers before they changed it and made it stupid I refuse to call the site codetwink.

    I only have a small request I know you people are busier with newer games but this game is also a new release too.

    All the codes work that have been posted up what I did is I merged the USA (M) code and combined it with the European AR Max ones and bingo they work.

    For some odd reason the USA Codejunkies site has yet to hack this one and they have hacked both GTA and the new Pokemon game but have skipped over this one for some odd reason.

    There is 1 code that is always overlooked in the Suikoden games and it is one of the most important ones in my opinion if you are trying to obtain the games final True Ending.

    I finished the game once but I recieved the games bad ending but I only had around 60 to 75 Stars of Destiny collected.

    It is nearly impossible to collect all the 108 stars of Destiny because some of them require certain requirements to obtain them or some can only be obtained after certain events or doing certain quest.

    So here is the code I would like to have looked into should also be the last one needed for this game also.

    Have All Characters/108 Stars of Destiny

    Thanks for all the other codes they work good and I apperciate if this could also be looked into also.