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    So I wanted to host a dedicated bedrock server for friends, but many of them only have the Switch version, which does not let you connect to any servers other than the ones on the featured list the Microsoft provides. With a bit of tinkering and testing, I've developed a method to redirect one of the servers on that list to any other dedicated bedrock server you want.

    Currently this script only works on windows, but I'll be looking into developing a similar one for linux.
    The basis is simple. Run a DNS server that replies with a custom IP when the game tries to resolve the IP for one of the servers. It runs using adguard home as our DNS server.

    The script does basically all the dirty work for you. On first run, it will download adguard and pull up instructions on how to go through the initial setup for it. After that, you just run the script, give it a server URL/IP, and then on the Switch input for the DNS settings what the script gives for IPs. Then you should be able to just open up minecraft and load The Hive to sign in to your custom server. The nice thing is this should work for all switch units, even unhackable ones due to the fact that it doesn't require any homebrew running on the Switch to use.

    I have no way to verify it, but this may also work for Xbox. If someone wants to test that then they can go ahead.
    I believe I have all the potential bugs worked out, but I could have missed something obvious so let me know if something breaks! And if you have suggestions for making the script better (I know some of it is probably jank) also give me those suggestions!

    Release v1.2:
    - First public release

    Release v1.2.1:
    - Added color coding for various things
    - Published to github so script can be previewed before download

    Current Version Download

    View Source on Github
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    A+ now this is getting better and better each day
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