Hacking Minecraft PSVita Mods&Textures


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Jul 16, 2016
If you use a decrypted version of the game (which I assume you do since you wrote this in Hacking & Homebrew) you should easily be able to change textures.
Just try replacing the textures from the standard texture pack.
I think someone here in the forum already did that. Use the search function.

For mods the problem is that the console version of the game is a complete recode of the original game in another programming language.
The reason Minecraft is easy to mod on PC is that it's written in Java while the console edition is written in C++.
Maybe the console edition will get mod support once the Windows 10 version gets mod support (I assume Microsoft will drop the Java version one day and the Windows 10 version of the game will become base of the console edition).

As far as I know Sony dosn't allows mod support in games that you can download from PSN, but maybe once the console version is based on the Windows 10 version they just don't remove the mod code for the console version and we can use that for ower own mod support. But that is pure speculation.

The best you can do is getting used to vanilla Minecraft and change this awful standard texture pack to one you like (presumably not one of the texture packs they sell for the console edition since they are aweful too. Maybe mixing the standard tools/items and the blocks/animals/enemies from the cartoon pack could look nice)

Edit: Right, it was a work from Voxel see here.
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