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    Basic Overview:
    If you are reading this you may not have enough money to purchase the full Minecraft Java Edition, or you may just be curious. Either way this guide will walk you through several methods, that can be utilized to better optimize the Minecraft - Demo. Enjoy!

    How To Get Near Unlimited Time In The Minecraft - Demo
    The first issue that comes to mind when playing the Minecraft - Demo, is the fact that you are only allowed to play for five in-game days. But by following the steps below you will be able to play for a near unlimited amount of time.

    1: Create a new Minecraft world
    2: After creating a new world exit and navigate to your .minecraft folder this folder should located within your home directory
    3: Once you have located this directory go to the saves folder and then to a folder labeled Demo_World
    4: Once in the Demo_World folder find a file labeled level.dat drag and drop the file to your Desktop
    5: Go to this Editor and drag and drop the level.dat file into UI
    6: On the left side of the editor find a variable labeled time after locating this variable double click it to edit its value
    7: After double clicking the variable a box should appear containing the variables value replace the value in the box with this value -9223372036854655508
    8: After following step 8 save the file and place it in the Demo_World folder
    9: Start your world and you and you are now granted near unlimited time

    How To Custom Skins In The Minecraft - Demo
    Ever get tired of having to use either Steve or Alex when you boot your Minecraft - Demo world, well by following the instructions below you can play using a custom skin of your choice. Enjoy.

    1: Download the file below and unzip it to the resourcepacks folder located in the .minecraft directory
    2: Enter this path /Minecraft - Demo Skins/assets/minecraft/textures/entity
    3: When you get to the directory labeled entity place two copy's of your desired skin within the entity folder naming them steve.png and alex.png
    4: Enable the texture pack and boot your Minecraft - Demo world and you will now be playing as your custom skin

    How To Play In Any Gamemode Using The Minecraft - Demo
    Having full use of all the Minecraft Java Edition game-play modes is something Minecraft - Full version boasts. but by following the instructions below you will be able to utilize any game-mode using the Minecraft - Demo. Enjoy.

    1: Start a new Minecraft - Demo world and open it to LAN making sure the Use Cheats option is set to on
    2: Press T to open the chat UI and type this command /gamemode adventure/creative/spectator/survival
    3: After issuing thid command you shall now be in the game-mode of your choosing

    In Closing
    And that sums up this guide, I hoped you enjoyed it and found it useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop a comment down below. Thanks. 0.^

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    amazing tutorial
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    Glad you liked it
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    GBAtemp be like:
    "No posts regarding piracy allowed"
    *somebody posts a a tutorial how to effectively pirate Minecraft single player*
    *nobody gives a shit*

    But seriously, great post.
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    Thank you
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