Might and magic : Clash of heroes hacking

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    Oct 30, 2006
    Hello gbatemp community !

    I really love Might and magic Clash of Heroes ... I play it solo and sometimes multi.

    I finish the game three times (not a lot in comparaison of Puzzle Quest 1 [​IMG]) ... and I'm so frustrated by the fact of unlocked characters through the solo campaign can't be played in this mode (multi only). Powers of companion are so interesting to use in multi that I asked me if it was possible to do it with cheat code or rom hacking. The only difference (for me) is power, so modification shouldn't be really hard [​IMG]

    Cheats : not exist in the last version
    Rom hacking : find nothing and I don't know how that it could be done ...

    This request is important for me [​IMG] I could pay for that ! [​IMG]

    PS : sorry for my english ...