Micro sd 2gb formatted to 250mb...

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I'm not sure with what I had formatted my micro sd, probably just with the windows method... (my computer, right-click micro sd, format) Not 100% sure though
    I emptied it for whatever reason I already forgot.
    It was my micro sd for my ak2i. I made a back-up of what was on the microsd.
    And just a few minutes ago, I wanted to place the back-up back on the microsd.
    It asked me if I wanted to format, I was like, yeah whatever, it was pretty fridg'd-up anyway [​IMG]
    On the format screen/pop-up, it said: capacity 250mb, and of course, I was like o.o WTF!?
    clicked it, and there were no other options than 250mb :/
    Did that anyway (fat32 btw [​IMG]) and it actually has only 250mb of space :/

    Is there a way to fix my microSD?
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    you could try the panasonic sd formatter. one of my microsd's was one's screwed up because i had it in a psp converter. thought it was 6 gb instead of 2 lol. i think that fixed it