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Sep 14, 2009
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Anyone know anything about the motion values for weapons? All I found was a post on reddit from someone who found just one set of values from 2ch.
From 2ch:
Red Guard Rage is a 1.1x boost, Orange Guard Rage is 1.2x, Yellow Guard Rage is 1.3x

First thrust: 27
Middle Mid thrust: 20
Middle Up thrust: 22
Finisher Thrust: 15*3
Swipe: 20
Full charge counter: 50
Charge: 16
Charge finish: 50
Shield bash: 14
Jumping attack: 30

Different motion values for Striker:
Mid thrust 3: 25
Up thrust 3: 27 Charge finish: 70
Jumping attack: 50

Aerial specific motion values:

Jumping thrust: 15*3

Bushido specific motion values:

Bushido Counter: 44+37

I'm trying to see if the other styles are worth learning.

Right now I'm testing with guild and bushido hammer on Jaggi using the starter hammer that has yellow sharpness and 60 raw. I know that yellow has a 1x damage modifier, but I don't know the hitzone value of jaggi. I don't know how to find the motion values from here.

Jaggi has 41 hp. I found this after kicking 20 times and shadowboxing once. Kick does 2 damage and shadow box gesture does 1. Since it's village 1 star, I don't have to worry about defense values. I don't know what else to calculate though.

So far it seems the shared moves do the same damage. Pound 1 for both does 20 damage, and super pound second hit only does 36 damage. I didn't check the other two styles yet or other shared moves.

Bushido level 2 blue charge does 17 damage. A lot lower than I thought it would do since it looks so cool.

Bushido level 3 blue charge last hit only does more than 41 since it kills jaggi instantly, so I'll need to test on Jaggia after I find out how much HP it has.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: It seems the 2 star quest with Jaggias in the Mountain peaks has jaggis with 44 hp instead of 41. The Jaggias have 64 hp.

Edit 2: Bushido level 3 blue charge last hit does 46 damage. Same as the golf swing in X, X, X.

Edit 3: Hunter Arts Typhoon I does terrible damage. I tried to get only last hit, but it's really hard. I got one spin and last hit, but it still took 17 kicks more to kill a jaggia. that means that the last golf swing of that specific hunter art does less than 30 damage. It's level 1, so I don't know how much better it'll get, but that's still pretty bad.

Edit 4: Aerial mode is annoying me. The ground charge level 3 seems to have a sweetspot that I can't seem to understand. Normally the hammer does the same damage no matter how you hit with it. The charge level 3 ranges from like 15-22+ damage. It either takes 2 charge 3 to kill a jaggi (at least 44 damage) or it takes two charge level 3 and like 7 kicks.
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