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    Okay, so I've been playing Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) for a while now and decided I wanted to add some swords and stuff into the game because I was low on stock on basically everything. After I realized that mgba cannot run cheat codes I decided to put my .sav file onto my computer and run Blazing sword on no$gba to edit in the cheats so I can put the .sav file back onto my 3ds with my new items. After I added in the cheats I exited out of no$gba and launched it again to see if I had corrupted the save in any way. I hadn't. I then added the .sav file back to my 3ds and tried to run Blazing Sword with mgba but when I opened up the game only the new game icon appeared. The .sav still works in no$gba but doesn't work in mgba... anyone have any idea why?
    TL;DR Mgba not running .sav after using cheat codes in No$gba however No$gba runs the .sav just fine.
    Edit: Found out how to fix it. No$gba uses a really stupid saving format so I had to convert my game save to be compatible with VBA to actually make the .sav work
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