memory card has been removed after standby

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    lately my vita has been acting strange, whenever I put it in sleep/standby mode and when I turn it back on, it says my memory card has been removed and the vita will restart, but the thing is that I never touched the memory card, does that mean my memory card is near the end of its life or could it be some software coding issue, maybe I need to restore the system or something? I noticed that it happens more frequently if I am in a game and put it to sleep, but if I put it to sleep in the livearea it rarely happens
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    It is probably a memory card going bad. I would hurry and get an SD2Vita to replace your memory card before it dies so you can copy all your stuff from the memory card to the SD2Vita MicroSD card.

    What is nice about this is that you can eject the MicroSD out of the SD2Vita (it is spring loaded) and read it on the PC to copy stuff like you could during the PSP days.

    you do not need to remove the SD2Vita from the card slot to eject or insert the MicroSD, which is really nice.
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