Mayflash NES/SNES to Wii adapter

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    Oct 18, 2013
    Hello GBA Temp, it's me again.

    Damn, I feel like every time I come it's due some issue... D: I'm sorry.

    (as a side note, I got a 2 dollar cable that actually worked with my PS1 screen AV In. Hooray!)

    But it doesn't... properly work on HBC or in the homebrew emulators. A button is mapped to Home and I get all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

    I once updated my IOS and when I did, HBC began to read my Nyko Wand Wiimote perfectly, I was wondering if the issue is similar? Here's my Wii as of now:

    Firmware 4.2U
    Current cIOS 249: d2x v8 rev8 instead of d2x rev10
    Current cIOS 250: d2x 57 v8 instead of d2x rev10
    IOS 12 doesn't contain Bug Trucha
    IOS 61 outdated.
    IOS 62 doesn't contain Bug Trucha

    Any help is appreciated. =( Me and my NES controller are ready to take on Mega Man Ultra and Roll-chan the classic way.
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