Matrix Infinity 1.93

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    How are you gentlemen!
    I got my PS2 modded around March and it has been working quite well up until I wanted to play original un-burned games. Well actually a few burned games do not work as well, such as Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, but I've been blaming this on the ISO I've been using. Anyway, my problem is that the PS2 will not load some games, such as NHL 04 (EA Games), and Star Wars Battlefront 2. When I hold SELECT for fast boot, I can hear the disc spinning and the laser attempting to read the disc.

    Furthermore, I've read on several forums, and I seem to have the Modbo 4.0 chip, which, from what I've heard, is not an imitation. After several guides, I decided to try and disable the Matrix Infinity. When turning on the PS2, I hold START, and the "Infinity Disabled" shows up with "Matrix Infinity 1.93" written in smaller font under it. I press reset to restart the PS2, as directed by several guides, but after the PS2 resets it just hangs on a black screen.

    Thoughts? Help?

    Anything would be appreciated, thanks for your time.