mario kart cheat (unlock all characters, etc etc)

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  1. mdma psychoacous

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    ok, i searched couldnt find this on the forums so...

    i had just done the tutorial on doing the usrcheat.dat and working with the action replay code manager and got the codes from codejunkies(i have an r4 III, ya ya i iknow whatever).

    so, i got the thing working and most of the cheats work, except for the 150cc mirror mode. it hasnt unlocked the special cup and lightning cup. and it hasnt unlocked rob
    if that is possible with a cheat? if i am to unlock rob, i need these cups at least so i can mill through them and unlock rob. i have redone and FINISHED the leaf and star cups in 150cc mirror mode, and it says it HAS UNLOCKED the cups in question, however it stays locked (SPECIAL mirror, LIGHTNING mirror). I have also redone all of the 150cc (non mirror) and nothing changed. am i missing something here??

  2. rauthelegendary

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Same for me, cheat unlocked everything except the last two cups from 150CC mirror and because of that R.O.B.

    I just unlocked him myself by using the cheats for everything except mirror and doing that one myself. You can also download a 100% save somewhere and use that, but it isn't hard at all to do it yourself.

    You'll have to delete your current data in-game before you can complete mirror mode yourself and you must deactivate the mirror cup cheats, you can still cheat with the rest of them.