Manually convert (some) PS3 pkg+rap to iso [Windows]

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    Not all games are compatible with this method (astute readers will notice I wrote the tutorial using the port of Alex Kidd as an example, which is in fact an incompatible one).
    This process therefore doesn't pay off with objective gains, however I prefer having as many titles packaged into a single file cleanly selectable in Webman :)

    "PSN Liberator" by @"Rudi Rastelli" is supposed to automate this, however it didn't work for me (complaining at being unable to find a Klicensee or something), so...

    1. Get the attached package and extract it! You will also need a hex editor, such as HxD.
    2. Steal/acquire one or more .pkg files and, if needed, their associated .rap
      1 - open package.
    3. Drag and drop the .pkg file on the PkgView program.
    4. In PkgView, right click the root folder (named with the titleID of the application) and extract it (the "to source folder" option saves in the same folder as the .pkg)
    5. Meanwhile, rename the included NPUB00000 folder with the titleID. Close PkgView when you're done.
      2 - move files.
    6. The result of the extraction will be a folder with the game's name, containing another with the titleID. Enter that one, where you'll see files and folders such as USRDIR and PIC0. Move everything, including but not limited to those 2 items, to the PS3_GAME subfolder of the one we just renamed.
      3 - ps3_disc.
    7. Open PS3_DISC.SFB in a hex editor. At 0x220 you should see a titleID (with a dash in the middle): change it to our game's. Save and quit.
      4 - eboot conversion.
    8. Open the SELF resigner's folder. Copy the .rap, if you have one, in the "raps" folder. Copy the game's EBOOT.BIN into the same folder as the resigner.
    9. Make sure the output method is set to "4.XX STD", then use function number 2 to convert PSN encryption to disc encryption.
      Some games may also need the conversion of further SELF executables, I can't help you there...
      5 - eboot conversion.
    10. Close the resigner, and replace the game's EBOOT.BIN with the converted one.
      6 - param sfo.
    11. Open the game's PARAM.SFO in an appropriate editor (the one included requires the Visual Basic 5 runtimes to be installed).
    12. Change the "Category" from HG to DG, save and quit
      7 - iso.
    13. Drag the titleID folder over makeps3iso, wait for the packaging, then upload to dev_hdd0:/PS3ISO/ with your favorite method (Multiman split4g included for your convenience if said method is a FAT32 disk)
    14. Hopefully, enjoy the game...

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    Nice tutorial, I never had to do this many steps when I do it to my games, but hopefully, this makes it easy for someone else. :D