making money off pokemon go?


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Dec 30, 2015
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So im wondering how long it will take before we see people trying to make money off the pokemon go craze, more so after niantic enables a trading system. Ive already seen people offer to hatch eggs for money, witch I find funny as hell. Just imagine u pay someone $$$ and hand them your phone to walk away. Hopefully they come back. Or account sharing over the internet. I can already see a pokemon go lotto type site popping with betting on what hatches from eggs. Craigslist ads for 1500 cp lvl charazards. If/when they implement a trainer vs trainer battle mode, people betting paypal and bitcoins on who wins. One of my first ideas was to hire someone to walk around with a skype or facetime app along with some gps tracker and direct them were to go with your phone kinda like playing the old gameboy/ds/3ds pokemon games but with a real person.

What do u think will be nintendo/gamefreak/niantis' s stance on such things? How long will this pokemon go hype train last? Im kinda sick of it all already. Local news has a story or 3 every day now about someone either hurting themselves, getting robbed, getting fired, causing a accident, finding dead bodies, huge crowds at some place, ect. I get it but fuck man the game is kinda lame imo. I think its good that it gets people outdoors but im waiting for that day when there is a mass shooting at a park full of pokemon go players, or when someone dies from being trampled by a crowd of people chasing mew. It already feels like its getting a little out of hand and its only been out for a few weeks. In a month it will be a apokecalypse, real gangs hanging out at gym spots, pokestops full of tents like the occupy wallstreet days. The 1%ers who pay-to-win vs the 99%er free to players. Productivity at the workplace drops, the economy collapses world wide. People going crazy because they cant catch them all, and if/when the get the first 151 niantic drops the 2nd gen, and then the 3rd gen. Pokemon go will be the fall of mankind, world war P, the end is near



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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
I don't know the game that well but from what I have seen it is too simplistic to pull off some of those things. That said it has long been pondered what will happen when someone makes a means to reliably make money from games.
Is better on winning battles a bad thing?

Also "finding dead bodies". Does it really matter? People with dogs and walkers do it all the time.

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