Make HBL.CIA boot up different .3dsx?

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    Hello I recently got a cfw cold boot and realized that I can't access the hbl now. Is it possible that I could re-direct the hbl.cia to boot another .3dsx with a different name. Because it looks for boot.3dsx and that is what I use for my coldboots. Any help? Thanks!
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    I would edit the payload menuhax uses instead.

    1. Rename your existing CFW boot.3dsx to something else with 4 characters (ex: haxx.3dsx).

    2. Find the file on your SD card that starts with "ropbinpayload_menuhax". Open it in a text editor (notepad works) or hex editor.

    3. Find "boot.3dsx" and replace it with the new filename you renamed it to. It should be there twice. Replace both instances, then save the file.

    4. Now you can copy the homebrew launcher boot.3dsx and use it with HBL.cia alongside booting CFW with menuhax.
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