Hacking Looking to play on my N3DS translated DS roms, 3DS roms and my import collection...


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Jul 23, 2013
I'm probably going to import a EU or JP console (since it's only XL in US) but I need to be able to play my US collection so I just have a few questions:

The Blue gateway card I read only works for ds roms on 4.5. If this is true, is the better alternative to invest in an R4i-Gold? I read that they work on every official firmware update.

In regards to playing ds roms, is there a way to flash a ds game to the cart allowing for a ds or 3ds to read it as the actual game (like with the whole nor flashing dealy with ez 3-in-1). If not, is there a way to at least auto-boot into the ds game rather than the menu when launching the app from within the 3ds dashboard? I think it'd be nice if that was possible. I don't pirate by the way, I am merely seeking a way to play translated games like Miles Edgeworth 2, etc..

When It comes to the red card, this thing I am aware allows you to run in gateway mode and I imagine myself using it to play translated 3ds roms (at least I imagine translations will exist when an emulator finally comes out), but there's also another mode that allows for the region lock to disperse, right? This would be the most important to me since my whole library of 3ds is US.

Last question: How does It all work? I'm assuming the blue card is literally obsolete for N3DS, and that cubic Ninja is the only method to install or ever launch the menu to select GW/Region free, etc... So is that true? Cubic Ninja is the only way to launch the exploit? It sounds pretty unpleasant that cart swapping is required everytime.

I have seen videos that answered many questions but these in particular have not been established.

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