Looking For Some Help Undubbing FE Fates DLC

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    I'm a bit of a newcomer to CFW. Please bear with me if I suddenly start sounding stupid.

    Also, if there is already a tutorial/thread for this sort of thing, please link it to me, for I may not be the best at sorting through Google and Forum searches. Thank you.

    I would like to ask for some help and tips on undubbing the Fire Emblem Fates DLC, specifically Conquest and Revelations.

    Previously when undubbing Birthright, which I bought on cartridge, I used a combination of content restoration patch voice files and other necessary files and HANS to patch the ROM.

    I now have CFW / A9LH on my 3DS, and as a result I believe I can now start on undubbing DLC, as HANS was unable to load DLC.

    The restoration patch I mentioned earlier has all of the necessary files, as it could be used with the Special Edition of Fates.

    How can I start doing this?

    1. Is there a way to dump the DLC and extract the files so I can modify them?

    2. Is there a way to make the patched DLC playable? Like make it a .cia or something (but would making it a .cia not work because the DLC might have some dependence on the game cartridge)?

    If my thought process is completely wrong, please let me know so I can properly try and do this.

    If any other info is needed, please ask and I will deliver to the best of my ability.

    Thanks in advance.
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