Looking for clarification before upgrading to 9.0.1

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    Aug 2, 2018
    I’m currently on firmware 4.1 and with an sx os emunand on 8.1 but I feel like it might be time to upgrade my emunand to 9.0.1. I have a few questions first.

    1. I saw mention that 9.0.1 does something to the switch’s game cart reader but i'm not sure if this is applied just by updating to 9.0.1 or if it only happens when putting a game cart in once on 9.0.1. If I put a game cart into my switch on emunand 9.0.1, would that prevent me from being able to use game carts on my 4.1 nand? Or does sx os prevent this issue?

 Does mounting game cart backups also result in the same thing or does this avoid any changes being made to the game cart reader?

    2. I heard that 9.0.1 breaks compatibility with some homebrew in that they won’t register inputs. I know one way to solve this is to just install the latest version of some homebrew apps. But I believe I heard that sx os firmware has a fix for this so you can still use older version of homebrew apps, is this true?

    3. I remember reading reports that sx os’ stealth mode is broken in it’s latest firmware 2.9.2, has this been proven to be true or false?
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    Nov 20, 2018
    1. firmware version 9 burns a fuse related to the game cart reader. If you want to go back from v9 to v8, you can't have this fuse burnt because when you go back , the version 8 firmware doesn't read carts anymore.
    You can disable this safety feature in the config file if you don't plan on downgrading and want to use your game carts.

    2. That is just a temporary issue for all homwbrew apps until their owners fix them. Most popular apps are already fixed.

    3. They messed up but fixed that again as far as I know. But you never know when Nintendo beefs up their detection.
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